Radium Hot Springs is one of the gateways to Kootenay National Park, boasting 140,000 hectares with incredible views, wildlife, and trails. Some of the features of this beautiful park include:

  • Sinclair Canyon – imposing and picturesque entrance to the park with iron-rich reddish coloured walls
  • Valley View Interpretive Trail – 2.8 km trail with views of the Columbia Valley
  • Olive Lake – a great picnic spot with wheelchair accessible path to viewing platforms overlooking the lake
  • Kootenay Valley Viewpoint – spectacular scenery and backdrops, perfect for snapping vacation pictures
  • Mount Wardle – home to a large population of mountain goats
  • Numa Falls – a great day-excursion for picnics and sightseeing; the falls are only a short walk from the parking lot